How to Achieve Career Success Even If You’re a Full-Time Mom

Monday, June 2, 2014

Most women say that being a full-time mom is the hardest job they ever have. It is more tedious than working in a desk job, wherein they almost sit for 8 hours doing their tasks on their desktops. However, being a mom is also the most fulfilling job of all. Moms get to see how their kids grow. They take care of their children—prepare the food, bathe, and even read them storybooks for bed time.

But can full-time moms balance career and family-life at the same time? Isn’t it hard to do both? Well, there’s a solution to that. Take advantage of technology in keeping up with your job. Telecommuting or remote working is the key to get the best of both worlds. Working at home lets you manage your family-life and improve your career.

What you need is a reliable internet connection, a comfy place to work on, and dependable software like Acasa. Need to lead a team of talented professionals? You can initiate a small startup using this cool web application.

Acasa allows up to nine people working together in real-time via video conference. This web app helps you and your team to collaborate. It has a lot of features that can help in project-making and finishing the tasks. This online workplace has a task-tracking facility that helps monitor and calculates the time spent by each member during the whole shift.

There are a lot of features you can get from this application. Visit for more details.

Location Is Not A Hindrance For Working At Home

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Did you know that one of the problems when working at the office is the daily commute and the long travel hours? According to a study, an employee’s stress level heightens when he / she was caught up in a nerve-whacking traffic jam, hassles of daily commute, and even the trouble for riding the public transportation. The factors that give stress to the employees can lower their productivity during the day. It may hinder their productivity and logic especially if they feel tired or stressed.

By remote working, you eliminate the hassle of commute or long hours of travels to the daily routine of your employees. You can get improved productivity from them especially if they are happy, cheerful nad enthusiastic during their work hours.

You and each member of your employees do not have to waste gas, feel exhausted with the commute or do not spend long hours because of the traffic. It can also be considered as a greener approach because working at home can help the environment. A study conducted in 2007 commissioned by the Consumer Electronics Association found out that almost 850 gallons of gasoline each year can be saved when working at home.

Change your perception about working from home. Why waste time going to work if you can work at the convenience of your home. You can use Acasa—which is a cool type of software—to help you with your remote working needs. This online workplace serves as a communication platform. But it’s not like your regular chat provider because it allows up to nine members to collaborate all together at the same time. It also includes a lot of cool features like gamified task tracking, a pane where you can post pictures and others, face detection, and more.

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Working From Home Isn’t Really A Nightmare for Employers

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Work from home jobs cuts down the cost of expenses. No more bills for office space, electricity bills, office desks and supplies, computers, and even coffee for the employees. This is an ideal setup especially for those who want to dive in to the industry. Startup companies and freelancers think of it as a great idea for employment.

Remote working opts to use an all-Internet workplace, in which the staffs can impeccably interact with each other. Though some people say those who are working from home cannot consistently reach their targets during the day. Acasa proves that productivity should not be compromised when working remotely.

This web application is developed with a gamified task-tracking facility that can be integrated with Asana. This can help managers or team leaders to monitor their employees via face detection. The face detection happens with the use of web cam. When the employee logs onto Acasa, the system will continuously monitor his facial features so that it can identify if he/she is active or inactive. 5-minutes of inactivity will be labeled as idle. This will be seen by the managers and can immediately call the attention of the employee thru chat.

Productivity will not be compromised if employees know they are being monitored by the system. Their tasks are also monitored. The system can calculate how many minutes or hours an employee spent before accomplishing the task. The final output and totality of the production of the whole team will be sent by the system at the end of day or shift.

You may log-on to Acasa at and register for a free account now. Try the cool features of this online workplace and it will surely change the way how you think about remote working, positively.

Acasa: Eliminating Complications For Those Working From Home

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There are difficulties and pitfalls pointed out with working from home which complicates it though it has become a part of most companies system of operation. Connectivity for effective collaboration is one of the problems raised in terms of remote working.

Those who are working from may have problems collaborating and it seems like work doesn’t end because employees may feel tempted to work endlessly. So the solution for it is to use a reliable application beneficial to both employers and employees working from home.

Why not incorporate the advantages of Acasa to your work? Whether you’re a businessman with a startup company or a professional that is ready to be working with an array of people, anyone who has the will to work at the comforts of their home can use Acasa.

Acasa is an online workplace that allows a pool of professionals to work together even in lack of a physical office. Different time zones and locations are not a problem with working at home. This web application lets the team to collaborate efficiently. Team leaders wouldn’t have a hard time monitoring the workload and performance of their team—Acasa can measure the time spent by employees during their shift. It can also measure the totality of the team’s performance during the day’s work. The process of monitoring can be done via face detection and task tracking facility. Using Acasa’s Ideaboard, it allows the team to upload photos, quotes and other text posts essential to the project. This will help the team to cooperate with each other without taking the fun out with work.

There are a lot of features you should know about Acasa. Check out to find out more information about it.

Building Trust with the Help of Remote Working

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Working in a company will teach you how to build trust and rapport to your colleagues. Trust is one of the essential elements to create a harmonious working environment. Here’s how it works: Organizations have trust among their employees, and the employees trust their employers in helping them reach a successful career.

Allowing the employees to work from home is a sign that you trust them to get the job done. If employees realize that you gave them your trust, then it’s an insinuation that builds their confidence.

When working remotely, it is important that you and your pool of talented professionals are using a type of reliable software that can keep up with all you need to do. A great recommendation is to use Acasa. This web application allows people to work anywhere in the world and reach the same level of collaboration and productivity as working together in an office.

There are managers who often do not like the idea of employees being unavailable to monitor. Acasa has a solution to this matter. It features a gamified task tracking facility that monitors each members on their tasks and computes the time they are in front of the monitor to see if they are actively working. To know more info about Acasa, you may visit and sign-up for a free account at

Working from home is a way to build trust, motivate employees, and increase productivity because this shows your employees that you consider them to be professional even without a physical office and just in the convenience of each other’s home.

A Way to Lower Risk of Sickness in Workplace

Monday, April 28, 2014

There’s no surefire way to avoid virus and germs at the office than to work from home. Yes, you read that right. Haven’t you noticed that if one of your colleagues caught the flu, eventually some (or worst is all) of you will get sick too.

Germs, bacteria and viruses can be easily transmitted not just through contact, but also spread by means of the things you use such as office supplies, printers, photocopy machine, and others. Because all of the employees are enclosed on all four corners, there’s a high risk that most will become sick, especially when there’s a viral disease from an individual.

If you’re planning a startup and you don’t want to risk the health of your employees then working from home becomes the solution. This can avoid contagious diseases that may cause harm to you and your team. If you got the flu, no one from your colleagues will be infected. But will this even be possible?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to fret about how to manage your team when remotely working from home. A web application like Acasa is the thing you need to use! Even while you’re all at different places, this online workplace helps the team to collaborate efficiently. This online workplace allows you and your team to reach productivity as working together in an office.

How can this web app help you? Well, it is jam-packed with a lot of features that’s perfect for home-based jobs. Acasa tracks the time and the activities of each members and the whole team. Its task tracking facility monitors the team’s workload. You can even upload photos and text posts on the ideaboard, which can be very helpful for collaboration.

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How Your Startup Can Succeed With Work From Home Setup

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If you own a startup, utilizing a work from home setup for your company’s employment system can give you a lot of benefits.

Using a type of reliable software that you can use with your employees is the way to make this happen. A web application like Acasa is the right thing you need! This offers a virtual workplace that allows people to work together even while at different places and time zones.

So how this work from home applications can gives benefit to your startup? Here are the good points you’ll get from this:

  • Attendance

    Did you know that stress levels of some employees increase when they see the presence of their boss? They become anxious and feel like uneasy. Manage your team with the help of remote working. You’ll notice that your workforce will have decrease absences compared to those who work at offices.

    Allowing your people to work at home will show them that you consider them to be professional and you believe in their ability to work even without the physical presence. This provides increase retention and improves morale to your staff. This will also help you motivate employees, build trust, and increase productivity.

  • Productivity-wise

    At an office, the common distractions to employees are noise, meetings, phone calls, and even their co-workers. These factors make the office a tough place to focus than home. Programs such as Acasa allow you and your team to reach the same level of collaboration and productivity as working together in an office.

  • Flexibility

    Remote workers not necessarily work a 9a.m. to 5p.m. shift. It is up to you, as their boss, to tell them what time they should go online. Without hassle, you and your employees can go to work without leaving the doorstep of your home. No long commutes, no traffic jams, don’t need to waste gas on your car! All of you just need a computer, internet connection, and a comfy place to work on.

If you’re interested in remote working, you may check out more details by signing up at Don’t worry, its free!